Friday, June 3, 2011


Well, I never got around to posting Part 2 of my Guided Math.  Okay, I have a good excuse... I guess :)  Today I went and bought a MacBook Pro.  I love it :)  I've spent most of the day playing around on it!  The thing that really stinks {sort of} is that we are leaving for vacation in the morning.  I haven't decided if I'm going to take it or not.  I'm not sure what to do...  Anyways- I haven't forgotten about my post... I've just been pre-occupied:).  Anyone else just L-O-V-E their MacBook??  I have an iPod touch that I also love.  I think I just love anything that Apple makes.

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  1. I love my macbook. I don't have a pro, but I still love it!

  2. ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ my Mac!!! Congrats on your new one!

  3. oh yes I am in love with Apple!! I love my macbook, my iPhone, and my iMac!!! Lol ;-) COongrats on your new one!!

  4. I am in love with my Mac Book and my iPhone. It is my favorite item I own. Congrats on your new computer. If I were you I don't know I I could leave it behind. :)

    Ms. M

  5. Wait until you break down and buy an ipad..♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ mine! I've always had apples...tried a netbook for traveling...that's when I bought my ipad.

  6. I just got a MacBook Air 12" for travel. I love that it is so small and light that I can carry it in a purse. However, I really love working on my MacBook Pro. I also have two desktop Macs at work. I don't have an IPad because I don't NEED one, although I really, really want one.

  7. Thanks, Dr. Cramond :) I love anything that Apple makes. Our school uses Dell so I'm excited to take my laptop to work. I bet the iPad would be cool. I have an iPod touch and before I purchased my MacBook I would go on it to check my email because my PC was so slow! lol


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