Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Drawing Conclusions: Day 1

Through assessing and listening to my students, I discovered that we still need to brush up on our literary skills. This week, I decided we would start with inferring and drawing conclusions. It was pretty obvious that these students would need something a little different. If the first (hundred) times didn't work, this time wasn't going to either. I decided to incorporate a variety of teaching strategies to hopefully help them understand!

First, we started off with this anchor chart I created. Sorry about the picture quality, I took it with my phone. I'm going to have to remember to bring my camera to my classroom!

Notice the faucet on the anchor chart? Wondering what that means? I used the faucet as an analogy to represent how the trickling water represents how an author gives us information. They don't always give us all the details (a steady water stream), so sometimes we have to use what the author gives us (the text) and what we already know to help us draw conclusions. I told them our conclusion represents the puddle of water that comes together (from the water trickle). Just like the way our schema and what the text says comes together to make meaning for us.

We then quickly reviewed schema.

After we discussed our anchor charts and answered questions, we watched a Pixar short film. The students loved the video and thought it was hilarious! 

As you can see, the kids had their total attention on the short film!

We did a cold watch, warm watch, and a hot watch! Each time we discussed the short film a little further and what our thoughts/conclusions were. During the short film, I had the students reflect on the following questions I had written on the board. Normally, I would have made a handout with the students, but I figured I had planned enough for them! LOL 

I did have a handout they used to record their observations and then their conclusions. I will include it later today for you to use if you would like. 

You can download the handout HERE!
The kids really enjoyed this lesson, and I did, too!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Favorite Pins Friday

Hey, y'all! I'm back again {finally} for Favorite Pins Friday. To be honest, I haven't had much time to blog or pin for that matter! If I am off work, I'm chasing around two boys! I just love those boys :) They keep me moving!

I have been pinning a lot of clothes lately! My very first Stitch Fix has been scheduled and shipped. It hasn't arrived yet, but I did go online and click on the 'checkout' link to view what I was sent. I know, I know... I can't take surprises!

Have you ever read any of Scholastic's teaching articles? These are absolutely some of the best ideas you can read for PL and take back to your classroom. This particular article talks about completing reading workshop in an intermediate classroom. There are some great ideas here... check it out!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who is trying to get fit. I'm not really concerned about losing weight (although I would like to lose about 10 lbs), but I do want to gain muscle and tone what I have. This pin links to a blog where she gives a lot of knowledge about how to supplement with Advocare products. I regularly use Spark, but I'm excited to add a few more things to hopefully jump start my muscle.

I like this idea of having a folder for each standard. I currently use binders, but these are becoming VERY bulky. Not only are they taking up a ton of room, but they don't look so good on my shelf. I may try this VERY soon!

This is one of my pins for my Stitch Fix stylist. It is probably one of the most because scarves I've seen. I love the colors!

Am I the only one who changes their lesson plan format several times in a school year, or what? First I started off with the EC Teacher Planner. I will never spend the money on one of those again! Writing the same stuff over and over is over rated! I like how she has all her repeated activities typed in, and then leaves space to write in daily lesson plans. I stayed up late last night redoing mine. I'm TIRED of spending sooo much time on lesson plans. I feel like I spend more time worrying about getting all my lesson planning done rather than actually teaching.  

Here's what I came up with! You can download it for FREE, but you will need to download the following fonts. You can even change it around a bit. Please use it if you can, but I don't have time to change anything for you (sorry)!!! All I ask is that you leave a comment below showing some love if you love it and not post it on TpT for sale or free. Please don't pass it off as your own... it's not nice!

OR change them to what you wish :)

Click on the picture below to download :)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Currently.. Sat What?

First of all, you are probably wondering if your eyes are deceiving you... is Terri really blogging?? It's so challenging to find a medium between blogging, teaching, and of course being a wife and a mommy to two boys. It's overwhelming, y'all. Not to mention that I'm EXHAUSTED when I get home. This year has been one of the most challenging years ever!  I have never.in.my.life had such unmotivated students. Let's save that for later, because today is Sunday and it's my day :)

Now on to my Currently....

LISTENING: Does anyone else constantly have music playing in there house, or is it just me? I usually have country playing, but last night we played Phase Ten and were listening to a different radio station... I don't really like the "Black Widow" song... :)

LOVING: Is anyone else tired of the cold? I'm usually up for it, but we've had so many teases with snow that I'm ready for summer. I'm also ready for my short and tank top runs. This bundling up to run is for the birds... I hate it!

THINKING: Okay, so I am totally obsessed with Mama Laughlin on Instagram. That woman's body is IN-CRE-DIBLE! Not to mention that she's absolutely gorgeous! Go check her out.

WANTING: This year has been so challenging. I've felt like I have been in a funk all year long. I know it's the group of students I teach because I have never felt like this. I am hoping this warm weather will fix the funk. Being in a classroom all day while it's cold isn't any fun. It doesn't help that we can't seem to get a normal week in since January. I have some big plans in the future that I'm hoping will work out. I can't share right now, because I'm not sure how it IS going to work out.

NEEDING: Do I need to say more??

SPRING BREAK PLANS: Not much to say except... can it get here soon enough???

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Task Card Dividers

A few weeks ago, I was at Target and found these AWESOME wire baskets in the dollar section. They were only $3 and very durable. I actually need to go back and snag a few more! At first, I honestly had no idea what to use them for. Then, I remembered that my task card collection is TOTALLY out of control!  I mean, they were literally scattered all over my classroom. At times, I had no idea that some sets even existed... can I get an amen? I'm sure I'm not the only one who has this issue! 

Yesterday, we had a teacher workday. Going in, I knew my #1 goal was to get my task cards all fixed up! Today I decided to give a sneak peek of my dividers on Instagram. The interest was overwhelming. So, I decided to post them on TpT for *FREE*!  Did you hear me?? 

Here are a few more close ups. 

You can click the image below to download them from TpT. It includes an editable file with the tabs I have already created as well as blank ones to add your own text. If you are interested, go grab yours, add your own text, print them out, and laminate! 

Enjoy :)

Friday, December 26, 2014

Favorite Pins Friday

Hey, y'all! One of my new year resolutions will be to spend a little more time on this here blog. So, I'm starting early. It's soooo crazy around my house during the week, but if I can get in at least a Favorite Pins post each week, I'll be happy with that!

 This is absolutely one of my favorites! It could be that's because it's is mine.  But seriously, this is by far one of the best decisions I have ever made. A simple focus board is just what my classroom needed. With my older one, there was a lot of information which was great, but I ran into the problem of never having time to fill it all out. Many times, some parts were left blank. Not with this one! It's simple, to the point, and I love it!
 How many of you are pledging to exercise more and eat a little less for the upcoming year {can I get an amen!}? This is one of my favorite clean eating pins out there. I have two picky eaters in my house. Those two have no idea just how healthy this dish is! I did change the brown rice to dirty rice which contained brown and long-grain rices.
 I love this handout because parents are always asking how they can help their child at home with reading. My response is always to encourage their children to read. After all, this is the ONLY way to improve reading skills. This, on the other hand, is a great way to make parents feel as though they are doing their part.
 This is by far one of the most organized teachers I have ever read! You have got to go and check out her post on how she plans her lessons. It really made me reevaluate my planning process.
I will begin implementing Google Classroom when I return in January. I can't wait to try it out and share all about it! To say that I {and my students} are excited is an understatement. Stay tuned as this post will be coming in the next few weeks!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Around the Classroom

Last year, I posted a million pictures of my new 5th grade classroom. As I got ready to start back this year, I was fortunately in the same classroom. Everything pretty much went right back to where it was before. My room is kind of small, so there's not really many options. This year, I got *REALLY* tired of never having enough room. My students would have to move up for someone to get by, things would have to be moved to fit at the small group table, and it was just CRAZY! I had been wanting to move my small group table in front of my desk for long time, I just wasn't sure I would like it. To be honest, I really don't like my desk facing the wall, but it is definitely growing on me, and not having a whiteboard behind me really bothers me. Fortunately, I have an easel that I can easily wheel over to use if needed.

I wanted to share photos of my new small group area, so I decided that I would share a few pictures of my other favorite places, too! There's really nothing to take away from this post, but I know that I always enjoy checking out other teachers' classrooms!

My super awesome small group caddy that keeps all my pencils, pens, markers, and highlighters!
My teacher desk :) Up against the wall :(
It's the little things...
Can you tell I love pens??? LOL
My homework board :)
My new focus/objective board. I am *SO* in love with this thing :)
My husband built me these wonderful wooden apple bookends. 8 years going strong!
Document Camera Station
My Library
{with lots of new books}

**MORE NEW BOOKS** I Love Them!!!!
I still love my Thirty-One wall organizer!
Teacher Organization!!!
What keeps me sane :)
My kids love book shares. Every week my students sign up to share their current favorite read! This is their most *FAVORITE* time!
My Word Work Supplies
My Evidence Board
I had to add in my Christmas tree :)
My vintage Charlotte's Web novel :)
More Bookshelves & Storage
My reading chair... I spend a lot of time here :)